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1820: A table of regulations is issued for Cango Caves the first attempt to protect the caves. Lord Charles Somerset became the first British Governor to visit the caves.

1888: Swartberg Pass opened people could reach the CC faster 48 hours from leaving Cape Town.

1891: Mr. H. van der Veen, then owner of Combuys, was appointed supervisor of the caves. The first full-time guide, Johnnie van Wassenaar, was appointed.

1890: The gate at the entrance is installed.

1902: Arrival of railway at Oudtshoorn more people could visit.

1921: Oudtshoorn Municipality becomes the administrator of the Cango Caves.

1921: H.W.J. van der Veen was appointed Caretaker and Chief Guide.

1926: Full-time guides are appointed. The electrification scheme is switched on. Before that, candles, flaming torches and magnesium ribbons were used.

1930: A sum of 600 was donated and small wooden building was erected at the entrance to serve as a tearoom.

1938: Cango Caves is proclaimed a Historical Monument.

1964: Cutting of the artificial entrance.

1967: A new building complex was constructed at the entrance.

1975: Cango 3 is discovered.

1997-1998: The new Cango Caves Complex is built.

1999: The Cango Caves is Interpretive Centre is opened.

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