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Right next door to the Interpretive Centre, the cinema-style Cango Caves Auditorium - on the 2nd floor of the Visitor Centre - screens a 19 minute film about a recent expedition into the Wonder Cave (Cango 2, which is closed to the public).

The film runs on a continuous loop and may be viewed free-of-charge during Cave opening times. The Interpretive centre has been scientifically designed to explain the Caves - and particularly their geology and history -in great detail. It's an ideal place for the curious and makes a fascinating classroom for the many school and study groups who visit the Caves as part of their curricula.

The Interpretive Centre's main theme is time. The reason for this is quite simple... it is an effort to explain the concept of time in all it's complexity and simplicity in order for the visitor to try to understand the processes which the cave underwent to become a cave, as we see it today. Hopefully this understanding will spark the need to conserve and to fully appreciate this unique cave system on the African continent.

Interesting related disciplines for example archaeology and palaeontology offers exciting insight into the pre-history of the ancient landscapes of the Little Karoo.

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